About John G. Lewis

John G. Lewis is a guitarist, singer, song writer, and bit of a mad-scientist. John was raised in South Bend, IN and began studying guitar while in high school. After graduating from high school he moved to Southern California and began his professional music career as a soloist, singing and accompanying himself on guitar in a variety of venues in and around San Diego. Jealous of the keyboard players who could play left handed bass, he tinkered with and explored various approaches to incorporating a low bottom-end on the guitar.  By integrating the guitar/synthesizer,  John ultimately developed an innovative approach to the guitar to create an unbelievably full sound. Combing these elements with his silky smooth voice and an eclectic repertoire of Jazz, R&B, and Brazilian grooves - which he performs in English, French, and Portuguese - John’s sound is described as soulful, jazzy and cool.

While completing his degree in French at San Diego State University, John worked part time as an entertainer and part time as a Sign Language Interpreter (he’s a language geek).  John moved to France for a year and spent his time improving his French, learning to appreciate good wine and deepening his understanding of international genres of music. Shortly after returning to the States, John relocated to the Washington, DC area, where he completed his MA degree in Linguistics. He has spent the past few decades working in the field of Applied Linguistics while simultaneously performing both as a soloist and with his group, the Electrokoustic band.

For as much as John is passionate about performing, he is a fanatic about the fidelity of the sound, and acoustic impact of music. The combination of his unique musical talent and aural sensibility makes the ‘John G. Lewis’ sound a very groovy, sonic experience.